Wednesday, April 24, 2013

Another December baby...

So, I've miscalculated my due date. How is that so?  Well, I was too quick to post my announcement. As soon as I found out I was expecting, I quickly emailed, texted and called my families first then posted on Facebook and my blog. Yes, I did it that fast!  I didn't even budge to double check the correct due date before posting.  I assumed it was January.  But after a lady from church here in Georgia said I should be due in December.  I went home and re-calculate my due date.  Sure enough, it says my due date is December 24th, 2013!  Nooooo!  Not a Christmas baby!!  Okay, granted... the calculation is merely only a guess.  Remember, both of my children were about 2 weeks early. So, maybe we are looking around December 10th??  We'll see!!

I know I've caught some people off guard with my 3rd pregnancy.  But Matt and I have already been planning. Of course, we don't go out of our way telling people this. That's too much information to share, you know what I mean? But heeeey, I do tell my personal stories here! And that's basically to keep you up-to-date!  How's that?  :)

How many children do you want?  That is a question several people asked me. I'll always tell them about 4 - 6 children.  I never told my mom this but I like that my mom said I should have about 6 children!  Crazy, right?!  I agree with her though. I think it's actually a good number. It doesn't mean anything though. I'll take it (birth) one baby at a time. I don't even know if that makes any sense!

What are you hoping for: a girl or a boy?  Well, first of all... Praise the Lord for allowing me to already have one of each!  I wanted to have another girl but then after having Peter, I didn't care. Having boys are just as fun as having girls!  They're very different.

My dad thinks I'm going to have a boy. Even a deaf lady from church feels that I'll have another boy! Really?!?!?  Haha, I mean... okay even if I did, that's fine with me! Peter's clothes will fit him perfectly since Peter was born in December.  Yep, then I'll have two December babies. I might as well celebrate their birthdays together... eventually.  Poor babies!  If it's a girl, then daddy will be in trouble.  I even think his hair will turn gray quicker!

Someone said "Let's pray that you have twins!" Um, NO... thanks!  Then I'm done!

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