Wednesday, August 7, 2013

Philip, James, Andrew...

... those were the first three names I had down on a piece of paper out of the 12. Matt liked the first three names and thankfully we both ended up picking a name!

 His name will be...


I had 17 middle names to choose from. When I showed it to Matt, it didn't take him long to pick one that he likes. I was quite surprise. I thought I had to do more searching. 

Although I like the names: Philip and James, I didn't want to have another "J" and "P",  you know what I mean? We already named our daughter, Joanna, which her name starts with a letter J. And our son, Peter, which his name starts with a letter P.  I wanted to avoid that. I know that will not always work but it did this time. Yay!

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