Monday, October 14, 2013

Made it safely

I know I know... but here I am! Hooray for internet access! I'm back to blogging, checking emails and all. Whoo hoo!

Long story short. We left Snellville, GA on October 7th. We took a three day road trip back to Texas. Stopped in Mississippi and Louisiana for the night at an RV park. Noticed with two small children it is hard for us to drive over 6 hours. We've drove 14 hours before and the kids were just... MISERABLE. I don't blame them at all. So, hence the 3 days trip.

Funny, as we've crossed the Texas border, Matt felt like we're almost home. I don't know why but my mind at the time must have been programmed differently. I didn't even felt like we left Georgia. I guess living in Georgia for a year does that to me. Yesterday, was different because I didn't see everyone that I am used to seeing. It finally dawned on me that I am no longer there. I sure do my my sweet Georgian friends at Forrest Hills! I am at the start of readjusting...

I haven't been able to settled in completely yet but I'm getting there. This past Saturday, I was busy baking and cooking for Friendship Baptist Sunday's Potluck. I've baked carrot cake, pecan pies, shortbreads, then I put together two different crock pot meals. Three are recipes that came from friends at Forrest Hills. Thanks! Did I not tell you... I got heartburns from my own cooking! I haven't had any throughout this pregnancy until yesterday! Ugh. Matt told me to drink some milk. I don't know if it helped or not. Maybe for a few minutes then it came back. Off and on.

Anyway, Matt preached. Next, we had Potluck then a short afternoon service afterwards. Again, it was different for me because I wasn't at Forrest Hills but I sure did had a good fellowship with Friendship Baptist. Just to give you insight, we meet at a clubhouse because they don't have a church building of their own yet. You can look at a picture of the building we are meeting through their website (still in progress). It is

Hopefully, I'll remember to take pictures to share with you to give you a better view. Well, I better get some of my other pictures uploaded on here. One of them is from my baby shower at Forrest Hills. I'm hoping to upload them today.

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