Saturday, October 26, 2013

Friendship Baptist Church voting tomorrow

We'll find out tomorrow if Friendship Baptist Church wants Matt to be their Interim Pastor. I really don't know what they'll decide on. Tomorrow we'll find out... in the meantime, Matt and I decided that we are still going to have the baby here in Austin no matter the outcome.  After the baby is born, if all fails, we'll seek a church in need elsewhere.

This week, I started potty training Joanna. It's no easy task. The first two days were not successful. However, the third day, she has informed us that she needed to go to the restroom but she didn't make it in time then again a few hours later she made it.  The next few days, it's been so-so. I have to be patience and be reminded that's she is just learning.  Overnight, she wears pull-ups and there were no accidents the last two days. One day, she told grandma, "we gotta run." Grandma was puzzled. Then Joanna said, "we gotta run to the potty." Off grandma went to help her. Pretty neat that she's letting us know other times she forgets.  Patience. I know. All in all, I expected the accidents to happen and yet I am proud of her. 

I was supposed upload my baby shower pictures but I lost track of time and got busy.  I went through some of Joanna's and Peter's baby clothes and got rid of a few that I no longer needed but kept most of them for the baby.

Also last night, I was cleaning out my laptop to make rooms for a video program. I also replaced my battery now I don't have to charge it every 30 minutes or less. It was that bad.  Anyway, I need to get back at it posting pictures. I don't want to say when because I kept saying the same hopefully I can take care of that soon. 

I've been pretty spoiled lately. Why? Because I was able to go shopping on my own without my children and used Peter's and Joanna's baby gift cards that I have saved since their baby showers. Yep, that's right.  That's how long it's been!  (Not to mention that the gift cards given to us for baby Andrew, thanks so much to FH@MV!) I'm very grateful. It's been a blessing to be able to buy them something. I got some sippy cups, LeapFrog Reader to help them learn to read and write, shoes, clothes, and ABC blocks to help Peter learn his alphabets. It's amazing how Peter just started to repeat words and letters after I showed him using those blocks. I'll have to videotaped it so you can see for yourself. 

You know? It's really nice to have a break every once in a while. I'm thankful for grandparents. I've missed being able to go out and shop alone. I enjoyed myself.  I'm guessing grandma and grandpa are also enjoying their quality time with their grand babies.  I'm just grabbing and taking advantage of this opportunity before it all changed.  You know?

Pray for us as we just found out another church dropped our support. So far, two churches.  It is discouraging but I know that God is in control. Matt was down too when he found out because he doesn't know the reason why, there were no reason other than it's because we've changed ministry. Just so you know, Matt is never worried about money. Strange thing is, I am. I shouldn't and I know that. Do I ever get discouraged? Sure. Who doesn't?  I'll just keep trusting my Lord.  

You'll be hearing from me again soon. I'll be posting about tomorrow's vote. I'll tell you this. I don't know what they'll decide on. It could be they'll want us or they don't. I might get discouraged again but then again I might not. I've been through the valley before and if I have to go through that again, then so be it.  God knows.

Well, I have to get going now. I am going to make some short bread again for tomorrow. Matt and I will rise and shine early to set up the table and all before church members show. Then I'll head back home and get ready then back to church.

Anyway...if you ever think of us, please keep us in prayers.  God is able, He is faithful!  

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