Monday, October 28, 2013

Friendship Baptist voted...

YES!  Wow, who would have thought?!

Matt is now Friendship Baptist Church's Interim Pastor.

We are both excited to be able to help this small church until they find a pastor.   Yesterday, they were a total of 25 people during the morning service including my family.  A few weren't there that morning.  Remember, I mentioned that two churches drop our support? Well, unbelievable...God gave it back through Friendship Baptist Church!  What's crazy is that... it's double from the two churches we've lost!   I'll never understand why we've lost our two supporting churches but I do know one thing... God is faithful!  To make things a bit clear, Friendship Baptist gives love offerings to their guest speaker every time someone comes to preach.

We are now going to be busy busy busy.

I apologize for this short post. Last Monday, I just started learning to make jewelry at Hobby Lobby.  I want to be able to make my own. It cost a lot for the ones I like, you know?  Anyway, I go every Monday nights from 6-8pm.  I could never have done this without a babysitter.  The cool thing is the class only costed me $25.00 and the rest of the time I just show up every Mondays until December. Of course, bring my own materials. The day I started I've been finding materials at 50% off! Affordable. I give thanks!    

Bear with me, as I am still in progress potty training Joanna. She's been having a lot of accidents and not saying anything to us. Still working on that. Patience. Patience.

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