Thursday, February 28, 2013

Matt stubbed his toe

Oh, yes... he did stubbed one of them!
Well it’s been 2 days already since Matt stubbed one of his toes on our steps. It’s oozing a clear liquid out of his injuried toe. He’s going to go see the doctor today and get checked on. He’s been limping and in pain. Not only that, he said that his tonsils feel swollen. My poor hubby!

“Mommy, I’m cold.”
After giving Joanna a bath, I took her out of the tub to dry her. She was already shivering and said, “Mommy, I’m cold.” She rubbed her arms to keep warm. I hurried to dry her and covered her with an extra towel. She took that towel off and said, “That’s Peter’s.” Really??  Sure enough it was Peter’s towel. I’ve taught her pink is for girls and blue is for boys. Who would have thought that she’ll tell them apart??  Wowzers!

Pairing nail polishes
I was getting ready for church but sat down to eat dinner. In doing so, I left my nail polishes on the floor in a box. It wasn’t closed so Joanna kept herself entertained. She sorted out my nail polishes nice and neat on the floor and lined up all my nail clippers, files in that order.  Matt was amazed! We never taught her how to do that.  Love how those little minds work!

Cranky baby boy
Lately, Peter’s been cranky. Whiny, needy or whatever you want to call it. It was only then and there that I felt his bottom teeth cutting through on both sides. It’s no wonder!!

Peter’s pretty picky
It is really hard to get that boy to eat anything!  All he ever wants is mommy’s milk. No kidding! Ay yi yi.  Okay does he eats other things we give him?  Sometimes.  It's really hard to get him to open his mouth.  He barely opens them.  Sheesh, frustrating!  And if you're wondering...yes, I'm still nursing. My oh my he's getting big too.  Without a doubt, it is time for me to start weaning him off. I said this when I was in Texas but it's hard to do!  It is easy to just nurse, you know?  I don’t have to make anything for him to eat.  It's true!  Hey, on the bright side of nursing is that he is definitely getting all the nutritions!  Can't argue that!   But yes I know he’s needing to eat solid so that he can sleep throughout the night. I have to constantly wake up to feed him. He’s growing and that means he is “eating” more. Yes, there are times I’m “out” of milk.  It’s going to be hard to get this over with.  It must be done.  Soon. 

My girl loves nail polish
Yep, I have this feeling that she's going to be my girly girl. I'm looking forward to doing all girly stuff with her that I once yearned for when I was growing up. Every time Joanna sees me wear nail polish, she'll want hers done. Okay, most of the time is when she likes a color that usually "pop" to get her attention. No kidding!  One time, I polished her nails yellow and added some glitters to it. Well, she wasn’t happy with it.  Why? She wanted some bold colors. Like red!  She was pointing at a different color after I did her nails. She cried because she didn’t like the yellow ones I painted.  At least she knows what she wants, right?  Yeah yeah.

Cracked chapped lips
Well, I’ve always had to deal with chapped lips but my baby boy?? His lips bleeds! Goodness. What’s with that?  I’m trying my best to keep his lips from getting too chapped. It’s hard to keep Vaseline or lip balm on for him.  Poor baby!

Cooking and baking
Believe it or not, most of you who really knows me know that I don't cook. BUT lately, I have been doing all kinds of cooking. I have made lasagna, marinade chicken, salsa, pumpkin pie, pecan pie, fudge, smoothie... I probably need to take pictures just to prove to some doubters in my family. Ha!  I can't believe I am actually having fun cooking and baking. If I can't afford to eat out, I'm determined to make it at home.  Well, most of the time. I know sometimes I have failed at a recipe, thankfully I have a very encouraging husband that tells me to keep trying!

Potty training
I finally decided to introduce Joanna to her new toilet seat my mom got her from Christmas. Ha! Well, it is time for me to start potty training her. I don't think I am doing much right now. The pediatrician said to not force her or anything but to introduce her to potty training.  Basically, to start slowly.  So far, Joanna likes sitting on the seat but nothing happened. Shoot!

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