Sunday, February 17, 2013

January and February 2013 photos

Here you'll see that I posted some pictures of when we were still in Austin. You'll see that I was trying to get pictures of my kids. Joanna wanted her nails polished after she saw that I had green nails. No kidding! She's a girly girl! Peter had gotten bit by my dog (time to get rid of her because my two small children are rough around her... babies come first). I'm just thankful that it wasn't a serious bite. Praise the Lord! I know both grandmas will understand and agree. Also, there's Then, pictures taken when we were visiting Matt's grandma (the kids great grandma) including Aunt Sylvia who introduced them to her pets (chicken, etc.)

Of course, I posted a picture of my Valentines from my love. I really don't care much about getting anything for Valentine's. I don't actually celebrate it but I think I need to make a few changes just so that it makes our marriage a little sweetER. Eh. But I thought it was actually nice that he gave me something and I didn't. Oopies. See? That's where I have to step in. I did tell him that I was going to write on the mirror and say "I love you" LOL. Okay, so I got this idea from Pinterest! I'm serious, they have some really cool ideas on there. I go on there every chance I get.

sagalynn's January-February 2013 album on Photobucket

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