Sunday, November 24, 2013

One of these days, she'll get back at me for this...

He he, and this is why.  (gulps)

Joanna is no longer wearing diapers. *sad*  I can leave the room and let her call us when she's finished. Of course, Matt has to let me know when she's done.

Sometimes she takes forever to "go", so she'll ask for a book to read, games or toys to play with. What's funny is that when we all leave her alone... she'll call Peter.  Haha. So, Peter brings his toy over and keeps her company. This picture is proof.  I had to share for you to believe.  :)

 photo c62f4ec8-b519-4e42-9a63-3dd901ee6034_zps5b7b4201.jpg

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