Thursday, September 15, 2011

She crawls, signs, and just started climbing

So I was brushing my teeth this morning and kept an eye on Joanna as she crawls on the floor. Well, we have steps leading to the bathroom/bedroom area. I knew one of these days sooner or later, she'll climb those steps... and today she did! I caught her before she climb another step. I didn't want her to fall back and hurt herself. She has already fell back a couple of weeks ago hitting her head on the floor (I think this was maybe two months ago?) as she was learning how to crawl while standing up holding on to something. She does fall when she lose her balance. My oh my! I think it won't be long til she's walking. She shows all the signs of wanting to walk. Yesterday, Matt said he stood her up and let her go. She was standing on her own for a few good seconds. That's some balance, don't you think?

I have been lagging behind posting updates about fun and interesting things happening all because I got caught up with things Joanna can do! Besides that, she keeps me busy. So interesting things has occurred. For instance, I was in awe of Joanna being able to sign! Oh yes! She can sign using two different words now. They are: milk and more. The other so-called signs are common for most babies, I think such as waving hi/bye. Interesting fact, while Joanna naps she will wake up and wave whenever her daddy comes home from work. No kidding! I'm serious! It happens just about every time. You could even ask Matt if you don't believe me. Ain't that cute or what?!? If it's ever possible, I will try and catch this on video just to show you. It is fun to see her trying to communicate with me using her little fingers. I was making her milk and cream of wheat for dinner... she was getting hungry and noticed what I was doing. Oh yes... she tends to watch me whenever she's hungry. It seems like she knows when I am getting her food ready. She crawled up to me in the kitchen and sat on the floor signing milk! What a smart little baby! Other times, she'll forget to sign or something so instead of using her regular sign for "milk" she'll just cry and well... she'll also wave, wave and wave. How funny!!

Early on this morning at 5 a.m., Joanna woke up crying. I think it is because she wet herself, which she did. I think it was because the diaper was a little loose. We had to change her diaper and clothing. Twice, so far. This time, we didn't put her back in her crib since she normally wakes up around 7 a.m. and then it'll be time to feed her breakfast. So we let her sleep with us for 2 hours. Matt went back to sleep while I sat back up due to my growing belly and held Joanna as she lay her head on my chest. She got calm and about ready to fall asleep. I was getting uncomfortable in that sitting position and wanted to lay down myself. So I set her to lay down in the middle between Matt and I. She looked so cute and comfortable laying between us. It was a bit awkward trying to sleep because she took up most of the space turning her head sideway (to my thigh while her feet face Matt's thigh) instead of the same level as us. She just spread herself so comfortable not knowing that she is pushing me and Matt almost off to the edge of our own bed. Hmph! But she's our baby. Some times my head play tricks like wondering if my baby thinks she own our bed our something. Ha! Crazy thoughts, I know. Well, it sure took her a while to fall back asleep. I stayed up until she finally fell asleep at 5:50 a.m. leaving me an hour to sleep. Why not sleep past 7 in the morning? Well that's when Joanna wakes up on her own. Plus, Matt wakes up at 7ish anyway to get ready to work and I have to as well in order to make her breakfast, et cetera.

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