Tuesday, September 13, 2011

Family photo: Sept. 12, 2011

taken September 12, 2011
Well here is our next recent family photo.  This was a casual one.  Well, a casual Texas Longhorn one. Heh.  Anyway, I wasn't happy with most of the pictures. I did ask the photographer to capture my growing bump. It's a bit disappointing because I only got a few from the angle side plus it was a quick session... she didn't make sure my hair was fixed, et cetera.  I was not planning on posting any of these but I decided why not.  Oh yes... you can see that I looked FAT.  Matt assured me that is because I'm pregnant.  I know that but still I just can't help noticed how plump my arms look and how round and chubby my face look. I'm allowed to feel conscious about my looks, right?  Don't we all at times?

Ok I do like one family photo of us out of all of them.  Besides that, Joanna in almost every photo turned out... well, she had such a beautiful smile!  For my part, I just wished it was better in pose, hair and all.  Anyway, Joanna did really good as in her behavior... yet again.  This time she was just smiling the whole time.  I've often wonder if she'll be photogenic the more we take pictures of her.  She is a natural!

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