Thursday, September 29, 2011

I found a new hobby...making bows!

I've always wanted to learn how to make bows for Joanna. One day, I read someone's comment on Facebook wall saying she made bows. So it was a push to ask.  I contacted Rawnee and she showed me how she made flower bows for her girl.  She let me get the hand-on experience too!  Thanks Rawnee!  I did the first two on the left (small purple and fluffy pink). The rest were made by Rawnee just for Joanna.  Sweet!

Anyway, I have been motivated to start my new hobby. I got some ribbons on sale from Hobby Lobby. Thanks to Mrs. Sandra Parker for her generous gift a couple of months ago before we left, I was able to purchased them. Now I can't wait to start! I'll be sure to post them here as soon as I am done with them.

 Here's a close up view.

 That's right baby girl... it goes right there.  You look so pretty!

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