Tuesday, September 13, 2011

Joanna eating cut up hot dogs

So I gave her small pieces of Mac-n-Cheese and hotdog. Boy, she sure enjoyed them! I noticed she had a hard time picking up the MacNCheese with her tiny fingers except for the hotdog which were much easier for her.  I'd helped her with some but the rest she has managed to pick them up herself. Grandma(s), y'all are going to have fun feeding her for me when we come for a visit!  It'll give you a chance to enjoy her while I take a little break.  Fun, right?  So far she has also tried banana, watermelon, peach and cantaloupe... yep, our grown-up fruits! 

Let me just say, she loves them!  If you feed her, she'll come back to you begging for more. You'll see!

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