Thursday, December 1, 2011

Thanksgiving with our families

We've definitely enjoyed spending Thanksgiving with our families!  Although, it was a disappointment that I didn't get to see everyone.

What's nice is that we were spoiled EQUALLY with everyone that we've visited. No kidding! Each one of you have all served us with such wonderful food!  Many Thanks!!!  Everything was so good both food and desserts!! Mmmmhhmmmm!!!  I must have gained 15 more pounds or something!  Yikes!

I was glad that Joanna has gotten to spend time with her great-grandpa Joe, grandparents and everyone else that was there.  There were others that are not able to come whom I often think of... just so you know, we love y'all and wish you were here too!!  They are: my dad and family; Topo; Gaby; Aaron and his wife; Tina and family; Priscilla and family; Karen and family; Bertha and family... on and on.


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