Monday, December 19, 2011

6 vaccinations = poor baby!


Remember, you have been warned!  You are to view this at your own risk.  I even changed the above lettering in RED.  Anyway, I'm posting a video of when Joanna has to get 6 vaccination shots.  Yes, the nurse said once they turned one year old, the child have to get shots individually.  Really??

We were a little late in scheduling Joanna to get her vaccination shots.  That being said... I took her in at 14 months when she should have gotten her shots at 12 months.  The only difference is that she needed to take one extra shot (was scheduled for when she'll turn 15 months).  My poor baby!

She didn't cry the first time but after the 3rd one, she was crying!  When we left she'd stopped.  You'll see some cute pictures of her at the bottom.

I don't like to see my baby cry like this.  I couldn't help the nurse hold her down.  As you can tell, I always tell Matt to hold her for me when she's getting her shots.  He's a good daddy!  I couldn't take it.  That's how we balance each other.

  Here she is once we've arrived home from seeing the pediatrican... ain't she a toughie? She'd stopped crying and sported me a smile! Awww, I love it when she's smiling... I usually changed my wall background to the best photos I have of her. 

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