Tuesday, December 20, 2011

37 weeks = Full-term!

Just a quick update.  I am now in my 37 weeks.  Yeah!  God is good!  I wanted the baby to wait until he is considered "full-term" (week 37 is considered full-term) unless God has other plans.  Anyway, I am tired right now and a bit sleepy but I wanted to post you a quick update before anything was to happen.

I saw the same doctor I had with Joanna.  I'm thankful to be able to see the same doctor. You can say that I am comfortable with my doctor because she's very considerate and shows she cares.  Keep in mind, I didn't get much of any prenatal care throughout this pregnancy except for when I was 18 weeks (took blood tests and sonogram).  I miss most of the things I should have taken during my prenatal care like take glucose test and all.  Finally, at week 37, I am getting the much needed care... I got my blood drawn (testing for diabetes), pap smear, test for Group B and a sonogram.  If you're wondering, I am already 3 cm dilated and 75% effaced! Can you say... yep, she's about ready!?!  Uh-huh.  I AM SO READY.  (I just found out today that I have Group B again.  I had that with Joanna. Therefore, I'll be pricked with a needle feeding on some kind of antibiotic.)  UGH.

Anyway, the baby's heartbeat is fine and the doctor said that he has already turned!  He is in his ready position. Face down and done "cooking".  Yes, that's right... he is ready to come to this world any time now!  Whoo!  He was measured and weighted.  I don't know how that's possible but Dr. Herr did all that through the sonogram.  I was able to sort of take a peek of him again on the sonogram.  I'm told he's about 5 pounds and 9 ounces.  I don't know about now.  I'm sure he has put on some weight.

There's so much more I have to say... but I'll have to type it another day but then it's a blessing so... I'll brief it.  I got approved for Medicaid!  Isn't God wonderful?!  I didn't know that it would have been a separate cost when it comes to doing lab work, sonogram, urine sample, medicine and a few other things (don't remember) but WOW!  Not only that, Joanna is covered too!  Let me just say...Praise the Lord!!  This isn't a permanent coverage.  I'm only covered until March of 2012 but that is more than OK with me!  God has surely blessed!

Okay I'm ready to take a nap but before I do... I'll have to double check and make sure I got everything packed and ready for when it is time to head to the hospital.  Recently, I have been feeling tired and my feet has been swelling.  Pray for me and the baby as he is ready to come anytime now.  I'll be sure to post pictures but then give me some time... you know what I mean.

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