Thursday, October 27, 2011

Mountains in Kingman, Arizona?

(pictures are out of order, didn't have time to fix it... takes too long to do so)

I didn't know much about Arizona except that it's hot. But after staying here for almost a week, the weather was nice.  One day it was pretty cold during the day and we had to bundled up.  Usually Arizona gets cold overnights and warm during the days.  

I've noticed as we travel all the way to Kingman that there aren't much grass anywhere. Pretty much what you'll see in these photos is how it looks everywhere in Arizona.  Well.. basically almost everywhere.  It's pretty neat to see some area like a small section (public park with playgrounds, soccer field) have green grass! It looks like they embedded those there. There are several higher class homes with grass too and others places here and there but then all around them (outside their yard) it's not the same.  Hopefully I'll get a snapshot of something like that just to show you.

It's pretty neat to wake up in the morning and see the mountains outside.  Who would have thought Arizona have mountains?  There are some big cool rocks we've found and decided to take pictures there. It was cold and windy that day!

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