Monday, October 10, 2011

sitting on top of our RV steps

Stairs are dangerous.  I hurt myself trying to keep Joanna from falling all the way to the floor. I caught and kept her from falling to the second steps.  Sighs!  In doing so, I cut two of my toes (left one). It hurts. I thought I broke my toes and had to call Matt to check if I was okay. A good thing it wasn't broken, just swollen. My wonderful husband cleaned off my blood and bandaged my injured toes. I'd do anything to keep "both" my babies safe. If you're wondering... I ran and spread my feet to keep from falling on my stomach (to avoid hurting my unborn child) to get to Joanna... in doing so, my feet hit the wooden steps really hard causing me pain.

Anyway... doesn't she look different?  
She is beautiful and growing up so fast!  
She figured out how to turn around and sit like this.

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