Thursday, October 20, 2011

Kingman, Arizona

We made it to Kingman, Arizona yesterday afternoon. It's been a long drive from Cassville, Missouri to Kingman, Arizona!  We've had some problems along the way but God has been good to us!  Matt's truck broke down exactly when we arrived at the church!  How crazy is that?  We're hoping it isn't anything major. Matt thinks it is the batteries.  Hopefully, sometimes today he'll get a chance to buy some new ones to replace.  Our microwave stopped working but thankfully it has a 7 years warranty.  We'll get that taken care of.  Some wires were loose as we were traveling and it rubbed onto the tires and got damaged. It caused us to not have lights in some parts of our home but a good thing Matt knows how to fix it and he did!  Yeah!  Joanna was getting tired after the 13 hours being on the road.  We did stop at an RV place overnight and then continued on.  Joanna got sick.  She ended up having fever.  It's just been a crazy trip!  Please continue to pray for us as we are on the road.

We miss all the church families (what I meant is the church we've been to) in Missouri. They've been such a blessing to us and we pray that God continues to bless them.  I'm happy that we got to be a part in the ministry to help.

Right now as I am typing this, I'm just taking advantage of the opportunity to keep you up-to-date as always including our destination.  I'm actually trying to get settled in (happens every time we ended up some other place) and of course to take care of my sick baby.  As I open up my blinds,  I am looking outside the Arizona's mountains from my windows.  I can only see partial of them.  I'll be sure to post some pictures at a different location if I get a chance to take some.

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