Monday, October 17, 2011

Roaring River Spring in Cassville, Missouri

*NOTE* At the very bottom of this page, I've posted a video of Joanna swinging at the State Park playground.

We took our time to check out the Roaring River Spring in Cassville, Missouri. It is a State Park in Cassville. We were about 1.8 miles away from where we were staying and it's free!  So we've figured, why not take advantage of the free attraction?  We only there stayed at the park for about 2-3 hours. It's a place where people can camp, hike and fish.

Matt and Joanna looking at fishes.
To the left, Matt was look at the hiking trails

Looking at all the fishes.

Matt is pointing at where we are standing!  Isn't that crazy?!
I'm standing where Matt is pointing on the picture above.

Taking Joanna to the State Park playground.
Getting her out of her stroller...

Putting her in the swing.
Okay daddy... what's with that face?

Ain't that a precious smile?  It looks to me that she enjoys swinging.

This is the craziest thing I have ever done so far while being about 7 1/2 months pregnant. That's for climbing up these rocks also known as hiking! They didn't have any handles to hold on to. After those few steps, it has gotten worse! Those stairs no longer were there... I had to climb over rocks.  It has drizzle this day causing the leaves and rock to be a bit slippery! I even wore my sandals! Ugh. What was I thinking? I wanted Matt to enjoy hiking and not have to limit doing things because of me. So I was being nice and told him that we should go ahead and hike. He assured me many times and I insisted. Well... I prayed before we actually went. He didn't know that my heart was beating like crazy. I was really scared for my both of my babies sake! After we got to the top, we sat down. Then we continued on. I wasn't so sure about going downhill either BUT God knew! We found stairways heading downward... meaning it is a way out! I thanked God! He knew I was worried and took care of us.  Never again, will I do this while being pregnant. I could have slipped, fallen or much worse.

Here I am taking picture of when we first went up to hike.
Made it to the top. Sitting down before continuing...
Can't you tell I'm fake smiling?
It is hard to see how far we've hiked.
 You've guessed it. Stairways that lead us back down!
Thanking my God for His guidance.
He has provided steps for me to go downhill!

 Overlooking the Fish Hatchery.

 Yay! We're almost to the bottom!
 Watching a worker transfer fishes to another tank.
 Check out those fishes coming out of this hose!

 They are transfering them from way over there.

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