Monday, May 24, 2010

Week 20

Today, I am now halfway in my pregnancy! 20 more weeks left to go! Wow, already?! If you're wondering...right now, I am feeling pretty good. I'm just hungry a lot. Maybe you've noticed too?? That's right, I've been told I'm showing more. No, really?!? Well, it's hard for me to see that unless I take pictures or something. Sandy Oldenkamp has mentioned that I should try using a measuring tape around my abdomen to help me see how much I've changed. How could I forget such simple task?! I guess I'll do that some other times.

During week 19, I was feeling a little pain here and there in my lower abdomen. In researching, it is said to be that the ligaments that support my uterus are stretching to accommodate its increasing weight. Isn't that so? I didn't know. But I did noticed that whenever my abdomen area itches, it's actually stretching! Right?? That's just my guess.

I still can't feel any hard movements yet. The doctor who did my sonogram told me that it won't be for a couple of weeks since I am carrying low. It has something to do with my placenta that acts like a cushion which is making it hard for me to feel her. However, there are times when I can barely feel her move (real lightly) but it is still not strong enough for Matt to feel her.

I have been sleeping sideways for the past few weeks. I admit, I already miss sleeping on my back and stomach! I put pillows on both sides so that I don't lay flat on my back. It's funny how Matt thinks I'm building a wall against him. Ha! I've never thought about that.

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