Thursday, May 13, 2010

Week 18: IT'S A GIRL!

To make a long story short, another prayer has been answered! Don't take this the wrong way because I do want a boy too but I prayed for a girl first. Whenever I'd hope and prayed for something and God allowed it to happen, oh let me tell you...there's joy to it! I am so excited! I always give Him thanks! It's indeed wonderful news and for knowing my baby girl is doing fine (inside me, that is).

I admit, these sonogram pictures look a bit weird! Sort of like an alien or something. Heh. How strange is it when I thought she was missing her bottom legs?? But then I realized I've got a picture of her feet. Because at first I didn't understand and was getting worried, Matt had to take the time explaining to me how sonogram works and that when the baby moves a certain way the sonogram won't be able to pick up the other side of the baby's body.

At 18 weeks and 3 days, I'm told she weight 9 ounces. As you can tell, she sure wasn't shy!

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