Sunday, June 13, 2010

Week 22

During this past week, I've experienced my first leg cramp. I woke up around 3 or 4 in the morning with an instant leg cramp to the left. Oh, it felt horrible! So far, it happened just once. I sure didn't like waking up that way. Other than that, I feel pretty normal such as having my energy back. But I still can't feel the baby's strong kicks or movements yet. I'm beginning to wonder when is that supposed to happen? I'm about to start moving into my 6 months pregnancy.

On a different note, I am touched knowing that there are some people out there praying for me during my pregnancy. As Mrs. Rose Gillespie gathered prayer requests for others, I was surprised to know that we were mentioned. She has mentioned something about praying for us but I forgot what it was about. Then it was time to split in groups to pray. I was paired with Sandy Oldenkamp and Patty Lueking. As we took turns praying, I came across Patty as she was praying in front of me for my pregnancy and a healthy baby (among the other prayer requests that was mentioned during our Ladies Meeting). I was touched because I'll never know who's praying for me and my baby besides myself. There truly are power in prayers!! I love how we come together to pray for others. So, thank you for keeping us in prayers! Please continue to pray for me, I still need them because there are times I'm starting to get nervous...

Yesterday, we went to a free baby safety class. I learned some helpful safety informations about crib, SIDS prevention, highchair, car seat and others. It's nice that they even handed us out a free Infant CPR dvd. I haven't had the chance to watch that dvd yet. I'm glad we've learned some important information about baby safety that no one has told us yet.

Matt has been helpful to me as I continue to grow BIGGER. My growing belly does make it harder for me to do some things. He saw that I was struggling to buckle my shoes for church and did it for me without me asking for his help. Awww!! Pretty soon, I'll probably just have to wear slip-on shoes or something.

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