Monday, June 28, 2010

Week 25

I can no longer stand in my 2 1/2 high heels dress shoes for more than 5 minutes. Oh how it finally aches my poor feet!! At least, I can still wear small heels and walk comfortably. Yes, it's all because I've gained more weight. Again, I've gained another 7 pounds. No kidding. Doctor said I can gain up to 15 pounds more. Now I like to take a lot of breaks to rest my aching feet.

Another thing, I am starting to walk funny at times... the best I can describe is sort of like a penguin walk. Matt seems to be laughing at me with his eyes or that smile of his, he even poke fun of me. Hmm...

About my nosebleed incidents. The doctor said it wasn't anything serious since my bleeding stopped quickly and only lasted no longer than a minute. I'm thankful to hear that it was nothing serious. My doctor even suggested that I use some kind of nasal spray to help my nosebleed but instead I will just deal with it if it happens again.

Oh yeah, I thought I was going to take my glucose screening test today but I'm told it's not until I am 28 weeks. I've heard this drink is too sweet and not pleasant to drink somewhat. This test usually last about an hour. That's kind of long, don't you think? But then every expectant mother have to take this test to see if they have Gestational Diabetes or not. I was nervous when the nurse asked me how I was doing today because I don't know how I'll do with the glucose test since I LOVE to eat sweets. She assured me that I will be fine. Well, today didn't happen as I thought it would (taking the glucose test, that is). Oh well, I'm making an effort to be careful of my sugar intakes. Earlier today (before I left work), my co-worker Tiffany asked if I ate anything sweet today. I told her not really. Well, she told me about the time when she went to take her glucose test she ate something sweet the day she had to take the glucose test and ended up failing. Because she failed the test, she had to take another glucose test that lasted three hours long instead of the normal one hour test. Good advice, not to eat any sweets right before I'm about to take my glucose test... or maybe even that day? I just don't want to sit there for 3 hours. Nope.

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