Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Week 24

My baby's moves are getting stronger. It's such a neat thing to be able to experience! I've noticed my stomach squirm at times (her sense of movement). Matt noticed that too. I can't believe she was moving at 1:50 in the morning! What's up with that??

Have you noticed?? I've accumulated more weights. I decided to step on the scale and noticed it's another 10 pounds! Wait, a minute. I think I'm wrong because I haven't been keeping track lately. I forgot how much I've weighted since my last doctor's visit. Yes, I want to know where I left off because I'm starting to feel a little heavier than before. As you can tell, my photos are showing how much I've changed in appearance. Not only my belly looks big but even my chin looks it. Okay, I say that because I know my own body.

Today, was my second encountered with having a nose bleed happening at work. My first encountered happened last month. I'm being to wonder why it's happening. This will be a good question to ask my doctor. Of course, I've stopped whatever I was doing and sat down with my head tilt back to stop the bleeding. After doing that, I was fine the rest of the day but still... I want to know what caused it.

I got a prayer request. Please pray that this bill I got from the mail will be taken care of that's relating to my OB/GYN lab tests. I shouldn't have been billed but something got mixed up that caused a mess. I'm praying that they can fix the problem and work it out somehow. This is no fun. I'm casting all my burdens (including this situation) to Him because I know He cares.

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