Sunday, July 11, 2010

Week 26

I've been asked similar questions like "Is the baby moving a lot?" I will say yes but she's gentle. In other words, her movements hasn't startled me lately. But for some reason, today was different. I came home from church to snack on cherries and almonds then all of a sudden she was moving like crazy. In fact, her movements made it hard for me to even concentrate as I was browsing the internet and checking my emails because I kept feeling her poking me from inside out or something. After about the 5th so-called poke or move, I look down on my stomach to spot a small surface of my shirt protruding by her moves. I quickly shifted to see my skin move that way... and wow, what a move! Another thing, she has been stretching a lot lately. Whenever she does stretch, the shape of my stomach look somewhat deformed. A good thing, her stretches doesn't hurt me.

Today, Matt and I both enjoyed seeing her move a lot (the surface of my stomach). We've laughed at how she made my stomach "bounces". It sure was fun to watch!

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