Monday, March 10, 2014

Where did I go?

Um, yes. So, I fell off the face of the earth. *thud* (haha) Oh, come on now! You know I was kidding and it's only been a week since I've lasted posted. *wink wink*

To potty train or not. That is the question.
So, here's what new, I've been contemplating on whether or not to potty train Peter. Well, long story short, Matt says he isn't ready. So I had him buy diapers. BUT for sure, this summer, I am going to have him potty trained. Whether he's ready or not. He's two years old and yes I know at that age other toddlers has already been trained. I am beginning to wonder, maybe it's because Matt isn't ready. Perhaps!

Prayer has been answered to retake pictures
You know the family pictures I've told you about? The ones that I took at JCPenney? The one that Peter picked his nose? I've mentioned that I needed to reschedule and retake, hoping for a better outcome the next time.  Well, I got them done again. Retaken, that is. Anyway, long story short, Matt really doubt that I'll get any good pictures taken all because we've already had a bad experience with Peter not being cooperative. Well, I can't argue because it's true. I know Matt's right BUT I told him I'm hoping that'll change and I told him that I am going to pray. Sure enough, I prayed before we went inside.  He still has his doubt and I don't blame him but I was hopeful. Hopeful.  Don't get me wrong, I know this is not an important prayer to pray about but I really wanted at least one good family picture of us. A family picture of us is like a sentimental value to me. If the Lord lets me live longer, I can look back at it for years to come and reminisce. The outcome? Believe it or not,  God did answered my prayers! He has heard even the little unimportant things I've asked Him. Wowzers! And Guess what? Matt was man enough to apologized to me after we were done taking pictures. He said I cheated. How did I cheated?? By praying?? Riiiiight. It was all God. I can't believe Peter has behaved throughout our whole hour picture sessions!

Oh, I am not finished yet. It gets interesting and I love how the Lord works. Well, the little things adds up. I was spring cleaning and sorting out my clothes. Getting rid of some that I haven't wore in years. As I did, I found a $20 bill in one of my jacket. To you it's no big deal and perhaps $20 to you is nothing but to me it's something and I felt rich! Ha ha, okay I am exaggerating there. And then I found another $35 dollars stacked away underneath some of my clothes. No kidding! Now you see what I am talking about? I felt like the Lord was spoiling me! But really He was blessing me for whatever reasons! Of course, I thanked my Heavenly Father as I found them. Then I shared the news with Matt. I was thrilled!  Oh and get this, I have been wanting a black skirt that falls just below my knees and with belt handles (so that I can tuck in my shirt and wear a belt). Well, I found one just as I had described at the Thrift store!  Yes, I am not kidding! It's like God saved that skirt just for me! The plus side? I got it for under $5! Isn't our Lord wonderful?! It's the little things!!  Such blessings, right?! Right! Amen!

Thrift stores lover
If you're wondering, I absolutely loved buying clothes and other cute finds at the Thrift stores!  It is so affordable and I can find a lot of nice stuff there. I have to "look" for them. It takes some time but well worth it. If you haven't known me, most of my clothes that you see me wear are gentle and used. Yep, they are mostly bought at the thrift stores.  My type? I like classy and modest clothings. I find a lot of brands clothing such as Ann Taylor, The Limited, New York & Company, H&M and on and on. I even found expensive brand purses (Wilson Leather, Nine West, etcs.) and shoes there too!  Okay that is most of the time, not all the time.  Other times, I find nothing. Zip. Nada. So that keeps me going back because they are always recycling. Do I ever splurge? Yes, but rarely. I've always use my birthday and Christmas money to splurge on things I have been eyeballing for a long time. My recent splurge was on nude shoes from Nine West. The outfit I wore for my JCP photos were all from the Thrift store except the belt (Kohls) and of course my new nude shoes (Nine West).  Okay enough of that, you get what I mean.

Post card from The Cheek family
I just got a postcard from a dear sweet family we've met in Georgia. Thank you friends!  Funny, it doesn't take much to bring a smile to my face. A postcard or letter can sure brightens my day! Thanks for the postcard! Love and miss you guys!

Friends near and far
I'm so blessed for all the friends the Lord has brought into my life. Near and far, I'm very grateful for them! Thank you, Lord for all of my friends! I may not be around them or live close by to most of them but I admit it is very nice to stay in touch merely through text messaging, emails, letters, Facebook, blogging, videochat and other social media tools.

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