Sunday, March 30, 2014

Celebrating my birthday at San Antonio

We were only an hour and a half away from home. I still did the things I wanted to do. It really wasn't much to ask for... I just wanted to ride the boat and try the 3 lb. cinnamon roll. The rest just fell into place as we go. We decided to visit the Alamo because it was free. Why not? A landmark in San Antonio. History. After that, we've decided to ride the boat while it is still daylight. It's located at the River Walk. We don't like to stay too late on a Friday night because then they'll be too many drinking and whatnots? Afterwards, we ate dinner and I've picked the Mexican restaurant because it was located right where we got off the boat. It's the food that smelled delicious fault! What a clever business. Just clever! I just couldn't help it. Tsk Tsk

The next day, on my birthday, we finally headed to Lulu's Bakery to try out the 3 lb. cinnamon roll! Together, Matt and I, could only eat half of it. Nothing more! So, we took the rest of it home. Then we stopped at the Tanger Outlets to look around and shop. Next, we headed to my mom's for a birthday cake and gifts. What can I say? Spoiled much? I think so! All in all, I I'm thankful for the opportunity to be able to enjoy and relax on my birthday. My husband has been absolutely wonderful! Love him!

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