Sunday, March 2, 2014

Pictures from FBC 1st Anniversary

We had a wonderful service and fellowship today for Friendship Baptist's church 1st Anniversary. A few of the church members couldn't make it but thankfully we had 3 visitors! Praise!

Pastor Steve Parker preached a good message and his family sang and even used American Sign Language! All that getting up early to cook and set up was worth it. It is exhausting for both Matt and I but we love doing it for the Lord!

The last picture was taken after we finished up and everyone left. We got stuck with a dead battery but thankfully, our neighbor came to our rescue and got the truck to jump-start! YEAH! Oh, and by the way, yesterday we were in the HIGH 80s, today was supposed to be in the HIGH 70s but for whatever reasons, the cold front came through this morning! RAIN+COLD= NOT SO PLEASANT WEATHER! What happened to our HIGH 70s?!!

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