Tuesday, April 24, 2012

Peter's 4 month check up

I am thankful to have met one of a sweet church member that has two precious small children here because she helped me find a Pediatrician for baby Peter. We were able to set an appointment without running into any problems.  Thank You Lord!  And Thanks Crystal!

Peter doesn't like to get his shots. Who wouldn't?  I'm definitely that way.  He cries after the first one. Nothing like Joanna (she's the tougher one).  He doesn't even like the oral vaccine either.  How funny!

Here is his 4 month stats:

Weight: 16 pounds, 10 oz. (82%)
Height: 25 1/2 inches long (72%)
Head circumference: 16 1/2 (40%)

No wonder!  He's been making it hard for me to carry him in his car seat. 16 pounds?! That explains it.   Oh, and he's already wearing his 6 months clothing.  They are about to get small.  That's just crazy!

Peter moves A LOT.  And he rolled over!  Ok okay... well sort of.. because whenever I lay him on his stomach, I'll find him rolled to his back.  Huh??  Yep!  And he almost fell off my bed too!  I can no longer leave him alone on the bed. He'll wiggle his way around.  What I'm trying to say is if he's on his stomach and laying on my bed, he'll push himself until he falls off (but we caught him before anything).  Yes I know... he's now safe in the crib.  What's interesting is that I'll still find him cornered to the crib and have to scoot him back to the middle.  Sighs.  I'll post video one day.

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