Thursday, April 12, 2012

Apple Apple Apple

Well I can't get her to not think of apples. It's all my fault. When I was pregnant with Peter I ate apples a lot at nights. I tried tasting different apples but for some reason I prefer the Fuji apples! I'm always looking for them. Strange, huh? I am not sure if I like any others yet (haven't tried all of them). Every apples taste different.  By far, FUJI you are my favooooorite!

Ok ok... so anyway, once I've introduced Joanna by giving a bite of MY apple, she was hooked from there on!  No kidding!  SIGHS.  At least, it's a healthy fruit, right?  Ain't it funny how she doesn't like apple sauce, apple juice, and apple that are mixed with heavy sugary syrup to it?  It's true!  She only likes them as they are.  FUJI you have been so good to me!!

Here is one of the many occasions when I felt bad about not giving her an apple. Only because we were out of them.

Joanna: Apple?  (asking me to give her an apple)

Me: You want banana? (hoping to distract her but then of course to also change her mind and to just give her banana instead because we're out of apples)

Joanna: No. (she shook her head with a stern look and with a serious voice) Apple? (asking again and pointing at the bowl I always put them in then she looked at me to see if I would give her any) Apple Apple Apple (pointing to the bowl)

G- r- e- a- t.   I felt a little bad because we ran out of apples and she really wanted some that day. She knows what she wants when she's in the mood for it too!  What do I do?  I showed her the bowl with no apples in them. And said:

Me: There's no more apples, baby. Daddy will get you some today. We have to wait til he comes home.

I hate it when she looks at me with a sad face. Then she looked at the empty bowl.  She was about to cry!!  She saw there were no apples.  Yep, she was sad. She had this disappointing look on her face.  Poor girl! It was funny though but at the same time I wanted to give her apples right then and there. Daddy took the truck so we had to wait for him to come home.  When he came home, I told him we need to buy apples and told him what happened. Off we went. Of course, for the Fuji apples!  (laughs) That same day but late during the day... okay at night time I gave her an apple and oh just to see the smile of her face!  That night she was definitely one happy but I must add spoiled girl.  Just so you know, I take the skin off and cut the apple to pieces. 

Yesterday, I was able to take pictures of them together.  It is hard when one is asleep or whatnot.   I know grandma and grandpa love seeing pictures from time to time of their grandbabies.  Well, it's really... all the time! You know it's true!  Ha.  :)  A few weeks can make a difference too. Just look at how big they're becoming!

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