Saturday, September 4, 2010

Cracker Barrel outing

Sharon invited me to have lunch with her mom Rhonda White and Pattia Lane. We had a nice get together for lunch. I don't get to see Sharon and Rhonda often so it was good to see them. They even got me a baby monitor from my BabiesRUs registry! How sweet!

There's something I've been wanting to say...

Believe it or not, me and Sharon Aslin are due just a day apart!! It wasn't planned or anything... it just happened to be that we're both due in October! Sharon is due October 10th and I am due October 11th. Not only that, we're both having GIRLS!! How crazy is that!? And to have our baby showers the same exact day!? What's next?? Sharon said something like we might end up having our babies the same day! Hmm...

Me and Sharon
(Oops sorry Sharon, I know this is a bad picture...well, of me! You look cute!)

Pattia and Rhonda

Thank you so much for the baby monitor, Sharon and Rhonda!

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