Sunday, September 26, 2010

Week 37

I'm thankful I am now 37 weeks pregnant. This is where the baby is considered "full term" even when my due date is three weeks away.

I got my Group B Streptococcus or GBS results back and sure enough I have it. I cried because I thought I had a terrible disease. I don't like the sound of having any bacteria or infection because I kept thinking they're all bad. Do you feel that way too if you were to find out you are infected with some kind of bacteria or something?? I know I shouldn't be worrying and that it's bad doing so but sometimes it just happens. I still trust in Him for everything. Anyway, my doctor said it is common in some pregnant women and that it comes and goes. I asked her why do I have it, she replied "because you're normal" and smiled. I think she was trying to make me feel better because my tears kept flowing down. I did felt a little better when she said that and that she had it too. I just don't know anyone that has had it besides my doctor. She told me when I go to the hospital to make sure to let them (nurse or whoever) know that I have GBS so that they can give me treatment (Pencillin) during labor and delivery to help prevent GBS from being passed to my baby. Great... I am going to have IVs poking through my veins or something. Ugh!! I was so glad Matt came with me, he gave me a hug and kiss to comfort me and to tell me that it's alright.

Well, I am still 3cm dilated but with 75% thinning compared to last time where I was 50% thinning. Doctor said it looks like she will come in time or before her due date. She is positioned head down. She explained that it looks like my body will naturally give birth without her having to force labor. If the baby doesn't want to come out, then she'll induce labor.

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