Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Week 12

This week, I'm 3 months pregnant.

Because everything went well today, I left a few minutes after I saw the baby on the sonogram. It's amazing to actually see little arms and legs! How neat to see the baby sort of "swimming" inside me. Ain't that something? Before seeing the doctor, the nurse asked me if I felt the baby move yet, I said... no but instead I told her I felt gas. Ha!

Anyway, my blood pressure and blood tests came out good. Praise the Lord! I don't have Urinary Tract Infection as I thought. I just had a small infection that's common during pregnancy. My so-called rash/hive was just a skin reaction to pregnancy. Maybe because my stomach is stretching? Perhaps so.

Well, the doctor did ask me if I have any questions for her...I just can't believe I forgot to write my questions down. Next time, I'll be ready. My next appointment is April 28th and then I find out the sex of my baby on May 13th. I'm told it'll go by fast. Right now, it doesn't seems like it. Oh, and I've gained 2 pounds more! Let's see, that's a total of 7 pounds so far. Wow! I'm feeling BIG already! Let me explain, my legs feel like jello. Yikes! Whenever I walk, they jingle... I mean jiggle and wiggle. Ain't that repetitive? I'm like where did that come from?! Oh, right.. I have to remind myself, I'm pregnant.

Anyway, I didn't have much time to take more pictures of what I look like throughout my pregnancy so this will have to suffice until I take more...

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