Thursday, January 28, 2010

My first time blogging

Here you'll understand why I came up with my blog titled "Wishful Thinking". It all started off when I first assumed I was pregnant. You've got that right! BUT don't take this wrong, I am not pregnant... YET. Because I kept having strange symptoms relating to pregnancy doesn't mean I am pregnant, so I've learned. Although part of me kept assuming I was! Every time my body reacted different, I always tell Matt "I'm pregnant!" Ha. Strange, I know. It's fun to say that even though I am not. Yesterday, I felt another symptom but then again it's been ongoing for what seems like 2 weeks. I kept telling Matt the same thing and ever since then he'd answered saying it's only "wishful thinking". Hmmm, wishful thinking, huh? I begin contemplating on those words: wishful thinking. Of course, I told him my wishful thinking is going to come true! I was determined I was right but then again I wasn't right the first time (about a month ago). This time is different. You just wait and see... it's going to be a "true wishful thinking". I know better that if all fails, then it's in God's timing.

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