Tuesday, March 6, 2012

When on the road...

I must say that there's never a dull moment! I think I'll be repeating this often.  You'll see why.

Below, I spotted Joanna with both of her legs up.  She looks comfy and I don't blame her doing this since we've been driving over 10 hours.  Yep.
If you're wondering, she was watching the classic movie Bambi and as you can tell that movie made her laugh. Thanks to Grandma Aurora for the Bambi movie and Grandparents Guerra for the dvd player. She was entertained all the way! For a fact, we'll never get anywhere too far if it wasn't for the dvd and movie! Normally, Joanna would get mad after a couple of hours just sitting there.  It's no fun having a crying baby. I'd rather see her laughing and smiling.  Technology does wonders!
This was taken just outside the O'Learys parking lot. Joanna fell asleep with a toothbrush in her mouth. Earlier I forgot to bring her toys and figured the toothbrush would keep her from being bored.  It sure did work!  Sighs.
Of course, Matt took that toothbrush out of her mouth.

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