Tuesday, March 20, 2012

Joanna is talking a lot

I know it has been a while since I've said anything about how we're doing, what's new with us having two babies and what Joanna has been saying lately.  It's hard to get this started because there's so much to say!  I really don't know where to start... I'm just going to go with what comes to my mind, okay?  I'll separate the title with bold lettering.  Hopefully the next blog title will be about my pregnancy but then again it takes some time.  We'll see!  Anyway, here goes my so called catching up:

Joanna singing "Jesus loves me" 
Yesterday morning while waiting for the Pastor's wife (from Georgia) who went into the grocery store to get something for lunch. I told her that I'll wait for her in the van because Joanna was already fussy.  My girl was getting hungry and tired hence the fussiness.  I turned to Joanna from sitting in the passenger seat and told her to stop crying and close your eyes.  She stopped her whining and looked at me with a somewhat sad face. I said, "I know baby you are hungry and tired. Close your eyes and go to sleep." She seemed to get the idea of going to sleep but she couldn't sleep.  So I decided to help her fall asleep by singing to her "Jesus loves me" and "Jesus loves the little children".  I saw as I sang that she mouthed some words to the song "Jesus loves me" but I wasn't sure whether she was copying or not because we weren't in sync.  After the pastor's wife got back from the store, we left to head back to the church to have lunch.  In the meantime, she told me, "She's singing 'Jesus loves me'". And was smiling. I said, "Really? What words did she use?" She told me that she said "Jesus loves me this I know.. for the Bible tells me so."  My reply, "Wow!  That's amazing!" I couldn't believe she said all of those words.  Isn't that something?!  Oh and she also says "Yes, Jesus loves me.  Yes, Jesus loves me. The Bible tells me so." While signing "yes" to all of that.  Oh how precious is that?!  The funny part of this?  She sang herself to sleep.  She does this often.

Joanna is talking up a storm
It's true! She's talking and talking and talking.  But at this age, she's mixing babbling and words. She doesn't make sense at times and then all of a sudden there's a word she'll say perfectly clear!  Strange!  I'd admit it's fun to hear what she'll have to say next.  She always say something interesting.  Too cute not to share!  I'll have to be careful how we say things because she'll mimic whatever we say.  

Last night, she saw strawberries on a box.  I remember telling her what they were but that was like a day or two ago.  She remembered what those fruit were called and said, "Straw baby".   (laughing)    So in Joanna's vocabulary... straw baby = strawberry

As we were traveling and stopped for dinner at Chik-fil-a. Joanna was sitting in the highchair eating french fries then all of a sudden she'd let out gas and farted.  She heard that, stopped and looked at her daddy and said with wide curious eyes, "What's that??" then added, "poo poo??"  (laughing)  Of course, I could smell her dirty diaper and changed her.  Sighs.

When I was visiting my friend Rebekah Renz and her daughter Emma.  Rebekah chuckled and told me that Joanna said "you need to wash your face".  I was like, "for real? she said that?" Rebekah said "yes".  I found out that baby Emma had drool coming down her mouth and that's what made Joanna say what she did.  What a silly girl!

After much practice and training Joanna to identify us.  She'd finally called me "mommy" instead of "daddy".  Before, she's been pointing out to me and called to me excitedly "daddy" and I had to point to myself and said "mommy".  Then I pointed to daddy but she'll say "mommy".  Too funny!  We did corrected her.  It's all over with!  Whew!!

I remember a month or two ago when we were in church back in Texas. Angie said that Joanna pointed herself to the word "baby" when she'd asked Joanna, "Where's the baby?" She was meant to ask Joanna where was baby Peter.  Hee hee

We always say it's cold outside when we walk out the door back when the weather was cold.  Of course, as we got ready for church, it was cold outside and windy too.  We were trying to hurry up to get into the building and in doing so... Joanna said, "It's cold."  She sure does listen!

As I was laying down on the floor, Joanna was laying next to me and put both of her feet up and wiggled her right toes and said "This went to the market (wiggle toe).. this went home... home... home (wiggle another toe).. this went wee wee wee (wiggle another toe) all the way home!"  (laughing)   

Joanna has a toy that plays ABCs. She's in the process of starting to copy it. All I could make out from reading her lips is A, B, and C.  I'll ask Matt if she can sing the rest.  Not sure yet.  

She use sign language and voice the following words: "milk" "please" "more" and "cookie".  

She calls herself "Anna" and says "baby Peter".  Natalie, her friend, calls her "Jana".  Cute!

The same book called "Baby Blessings Bible" was posted under video. Joanna was sort of reading at an early age but can't pronounce words.  Months has passed and now she is 17 months and already can identify and point out to pictures and name the animals and all!  WOW! For example,  I'll ask her, "where is the monkey?" and she'll point to the monkey!  Craziness.  I definitely will post a video just to show you.  

When we say "Where's Joanna?  Where's Joanna?"  Joanna will cover her face with both hands then she'll let go and we'll say, "there you are!" She'll smile and repeat.  Another time and a slight different encounter from the first... I decided to videotape her by saying the same thing, "Where's Joanna?"  then and there she'll hide herself from the recording view (where she can view herself) and then she'll pop up and see herself. That's when I'll say "there you are!"  It's fun to see her like herself on video.

Her curiosity is non-stop. She's always saying "what's that?" and points to an object or whatever. Then and there, I'll have to name them for her. She'll listen and soak up the information and use them later. I'd never thought one year old can be this smart!  Truly amazing!

Okay let me take a break from "Joanna talking up a storm" and move on to my life with both babies (so far)... I can go on and on with Joanna so I'll continue this another time.  Anyway...

Life so far with my two babies: Joanna and Peter
Honestly, it isn't easy having two little babies but they sure are worth it!  It's a lot of work caring for them and meeting each of their needs.   Joanna constantly needs my attention.  She wants me to play with her all the time.  She'll come up to me when I am on the computer and tap me on the leg and say "up". Of course, she wants to sit on my lap and see what I am doing.  She'll bring a book to me and always want me to read to her (that's if she finds a book laying somewhere at home).  When she's tired she'll come to me all fussy. I'll have to lay down with her in order for her to fall asleep. On the other hand, baby Peter cries and cries.  Either he wants to be changed, fed or held.  In that order it's repetitive. The hard part is when Joanna gets fussy and to have baby Peter cries... then Joanna cries too.  With that, I'll have two crying babies.  UGH.  What do I do?  Sometimes, I'll tend to one then the other.  Other times, I'll hold baby Peter and sit on the floor and have Joanna comes to me.  Or I'll sit Peter in his car seat and give him his pacifier to calm him down while laying on the floor to have Joanna take her nap.  I admit. It's not easy.  The only time it's easy is when one or the other is fine.  If Peter is asleep then I'll get my one on one with Joanna.  I'll play with her.  Sometimes Joanna watches PBS channel that plays shows like Sesame Street, Barney, Sid the Science Kid... just to name a few.   That'll give me some time with baby Peter. Visa versa.  Oh and yes...Peter really, really likes to be held!  I can't always hold him because then I'll never get anything done.  


The Mooney's Clan said...

Sandra, I love reading your posts! Your babies are so adorable, you are so blessed! When things get tough, it will get better :-)
Before you know it, Joanna will be independent and you will have a little break... they sure do grow up fast. I look at my Jackson and couldn't believe he is 4 years old, it is that fast.
Hugs! God bless you so much!

Sandra Guerra said...

Thanks! You are right Krystal! They do grow up fast. I don't know how you do it with 3 children of your own! They are indeed a blessing from our Heavenly Father! :)

If there's anything you know that I don't. Please share!
HUGS back!