Tuesday, January 3, 2012

Peter: 12 days old

I couldn't help but take a picture of this handsome little baby!
 Below, it didn't take long for Peter to fall asleep. He really does go to sleep really fast! That's because he have a little bit of jaundice that makes him sleepy.  I have to watch and make sure that he's eating, peeing/pooping and getting some sunlight from the window.   I don't know if you can tell or not but he has a little yellow color on his skin (jaundice). Poor baby!  I'm hoping he'll get better soon.  

 Trying to wake him up...
 New Year 2012 photo (without me)

 Joanna doing the "This little piggy..." a so-called "toe rhyme story" on Peter.
 Peter has flakey skin!
 Check out his long feet.
 I think they're pretty long and will outgrown Matt's feet. Ha!
 Today, I was able to snap a photo of them sleeping... well, napping.
Joanna fell asleep. Peter was already asleep.
I had to get Peter and lay him down next to Joanna.
Now you can see the difference in how much Joanna has grown!
 I got lucky with this photo because I was able to captured Peter's smile.
Oh this baby does smile a lot.  I think he has dimples too!  
Ain't this a sweet photo or what?!
I love my babies! Thank You Lord!

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