Friday, January 13, 2012

Joanna with baby Peter

So I decided to have Joanna hold her baby brother.  I was a little nervous in doing so because I wasn't sure how she'll handle him. So, I waited and check first to see what she'll do before taking pictures of them together.  She did exactly the same thing I captured her doing in these pictures.  She was just looking at him and touching him just out of curiosity.  How precious!!  I even got one photo of her looking directly at the camera. Of course, I was telling Joanna to look at the camera and to say "cheese." Well, as you can tell... her smile is sort of a "forced" smile.  Hey now, she's smiling and that makes a good photo, don't you think?  I do!!  

I was glad to be able to have my children take pictures together. I am making memories of them... something to cherish! It will just continues on.

 It's neat to see how gentle Joanna was towards baby Peter!  I was just amazed!

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