Friday, July 29, 2011

2nd pregnancy photo: week 16

First of all, I wanted to make this known... I give thanks to my Heavenly Father for his provision! Of course, I do worry at times and I know I shouldn't. To make a long story short, I haven't seen a doctor yet since I found out I was pregnant (4 months ago). The only thing I did was took a home pregnancy test. Crazy, I know. But having no insurance = a worrisome mommy. But let me tell you some wonderful news... the great news is how God revealed to me that He will meet our every needs and WOW, He sure did! Thank you Lord!!! I shed some happy tears. Oh me of little faith!! I don't normally share stuff like this but because it came with a blessing, I just had to. Who wouldn't share any blessings coming from the Father above?! It's a constant reminder that He cares.

Anyway, I was able to set an appointment here in Missouri on August 1st. I am told I will only have a blood test done with a nurse. What's with that? Why can't I have a sonogram? The lady on the phone said it has to be approved by the doctor. Won't I see a doctor? All I know is that I'll be seeing a nurse to do some blood tests. I'm hoping that all go well and that at least the nurse can listen to the baby's heartbeat. You know, at 18 weeks (pregnant with Joanna) I was able to find out the sex of my baby. But this visit, I was told they don't do sonogram the first visit. Really? Come on. Great, now I will have to wait. Ugh. My patience is killing me. I want to find out! Don't you want to know too?? If you think of me, pray for me and the baby. I know there's power in prayers. I believe I am now 17 weeks.

Well, guess what? I am back to taking my week by week pregnancy photos. I am behind but plan to keep up with it. This photo was taken on July 24th. (I was 16 weeks then.) If you are wondering how I know, I did some research online. I used a pregnancy calculator to find out my due date. I went to

It asked me the first day of my last period which is March 31st. Then I click on to calculate my due date. Voila! There you'll see the date of when I am due. (it says it is on or around January 5th) :)

As for how I am feeling... I am feeling the same as I did with my first pregnancy. Yes, I do not have morning sickness. The only differences now is that I am showing more than I did the first time and I even felt the baby move earlier than my first pregnancy! This baby moves... a lot!! I look pretty big at this 16 weeks than I did my first 16 weeks (with Joanna)!

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