Sunday, April 17, 2011

Grandma and Grandpa Guerra visiting

This past weekend grandpa and grandma Guerra came by to visit. They're taking advantage of visiting us while we are in Texas before we take off to another state in May.

We had a wonderful time!

With grandpa...
I know, it looks like grandpa was suffocating Joanna.
Now I am not sure about leaving her with him...
just kidding!
Just for your information, Joanna had just sneezed.
Visiting grandma and grandpa at the hotel.

At Souper Salad, grandpa Guerra played with Joanna.
What baby girl??
Smiling and looking at her grandpa...
How funny yet cute!
This is what happens when grandma Guerra
hangs out with us to the store.
She spoiled Joanna with beautiful dresses and shoes!
(and not to mentioned toys too!)

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