Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Oklahoma visit

Joanna got to meet Abigail who is 7 months old. Whoa! My baby is almost as big as Abby! You can tell that Abby wanted to play with Joanna. Diana (holding Joanna) and I met at Junior's camp in OK a few years back. I'm thankful for her friendship. Every time I come to Oklahoma, I try and make an effort to visit. She is also married to a deaf. Her husband Chris is a Pastor to the deaf at their church.
It was really cold in Oklahoma City during the week we had Missions Conference. I kept Joanna warm and had to take pictures of how she was holding her hands.
I think she heard the camera clicking
but she kept her eyes closed.
Matt said that she has long lashes. Isn't that so?
I don't know but I think they're pretty!

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