Saturday, January 29, 2011

4 months: week 1

Today, Joanna turned 4 months old! I took advantage of letting her wear her spring clothes before next's week Artic blast. Notice that her dress size is 3-6 months old and it's already small on her!

She likes looking at that musical mobile above her.
Yay, I was able to snap a photo of her smiling!
She does this often. (sticking out her tongue)
Aww, you're trying to smile!
*gasps* She's sitting up!
Okay... it's with the help of the boppy pillow. Ha!
It won't be long til I take away that pillow, darling!
Mommy wants to see you sit on your own.
That's right! Smile for mommy!
No no, Joanna... don't pull your dress up.
This drooling never stops.
I noticed that Sandy has finally started
getting comfortable around the baby.
...about to lick her...
...and sniff her.

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