Sunday, November 16, 2014

Photo Booth Fun at Marquita's wedding

Yesterday, I went to a friend's wedding. It's been years since I've last seen this friend. Her name is Marquita. And yes, I am much much older than her but she is still as sweet as she was when I first met her. I'm so proud of who she has become. She is a doctor now but I'm not sure in what field. At her wedding reception, they provided a Photo Booth for the guests to take, frame the photo to a board and write her well wishes. We even got a copy for ourselves to keep. Sweet! I love this idea! I might consider that for my children's future wedding. If they think it's a cool thing to do. I mean... they even have silly props to use but we didn't use any. We're kind of boring! Perhaps, next time!

Below, you'll see that I am next to a teen (on the left). I just met her yesterday and found out that she is an exchange student from Vietnam. My cousin Khai and his wife Zulema (on the right) are hosting this sweet teenager.  How cool is that? She speaks English very well and is wanting to learn about computers. From what she told me...

Anyway, as we sat in the Photo Booth, we didn't know what to do. Like when to smile for our pictures... but that's what makes it fun. See?  We're laughing at the times we didn't take it like we wanted. And I think I kind of embarrassed them with my craziness. Hee Hee!  Oh well. At least, the first one came out right! Yay!

I really had fun taking pictures with the gals. I know I would with you too!  Wanna?

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