Monday, November 17, 2014

My girl singing in the choir for the first time.

It was so special to see Joanna singing in church with children around her age. I just LOVE it! We were visiting a church and this was our second time visiting and I was amazed at how quick my daughter could pick up a song. Okay, I am not too surprised because she loves to sing at home. I mean, she really loves music! Hmmmm... what does that mean? Do you know? I honestly didn't know that they were going to sing that day, Matt had point me to where Joanna was. I was like what?? Of course, I had to grab my phone camera to capture it. You know it! I wasn't going to miss her first time singing in a choir. NO WAY!! As you know, I wasn't sure how she'll do especially singing with a choir in front of the whole church. She can be shy sometimes. So I was very impressed with her and I think she did great! Don't you? Yes, I've noticed...she's a little dramatic at times. Hee Hee

My favorite was when she was up there waving at me (not captured on video) and when she kind of lost her balance.

I remember thinking back wondering what it's going to be like to watch them do things for the Lord. I thought when my children are old enough, I'll enjoy watching them participate in any activities for the Lord. Am I making any sense? Anyway, this was one of them. I just LOVE it.

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