Friday, February 14, 2014

What I got for Valentine's...

Should have posted this sooner but anyway, here's mine. It's the little things!

 photo a013664d-5c0f-4541-af75-4d94c96e2cc0_zpsd5fbcd2c.jpg

We were able to go out to eat without the kids. Grandma and grandpa kindly watched our children. We really didn't know what to do. How sad is that? We normally don't go out or celebrate Valentine's but this year we figured why not. Instead of going out to a fancy restaurant, we tried out Smash burger. (laughs) It was the closest drive to where we were staying and being hungry we figured we try that place out since we live close and it was already close to 1pm. Earlier, we had to take Peter to the pediatrician for his vaccination shots. After that, we dropped him home and fed the kids before heading out to the Caverns! Yep, how romantic, right?! Ha Ha! I think I know what you're thinking... going to the cave on Valentine's day? Like I said, we didn't know what to do. I know that we didn't do anything fancy instead we did something different but enjoyable! Not a bad way to start off, right? Keep in mind, we never celebrate this holiday. Someday in the near future we'll be able to go out to a nice restaurant, not a fast food place. :) Before heading home, we've decided to hang out at the Outlet Mall since it wasn't too far from the Caverns. It was nice to be able to spend some times together for a couple of hours. Thanks grandma and grandpa for babysitting for us!

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