Tuesday, February 4, 2014

Behind the scene: with my family of five

I forgot to post this photos of us yesterday. Let me just say, it's hard taking pictures with small children. They get bored easily. Don't sit for long. Distracted. Cranky. And so forth. I should have posted Peter's precious mad face on here, I just didn't think of it. Here, we are trying to get ready for our family portrait. Can't you see how hard it was to get them to settle for a picture? My favorite is the one with Joanna bursting out laughing. Taking photos of my own family is HARD. I was thinking of having it professionally done but several photographers are charging $200.00! *sighs* That's just too expensive for me. If you haven't known, I can take pictures... well, for fun. Not professionally or anything but it's my hobby. The problem is, I just can't do my own family. Hence, the much needed help. So, how did I get these photos taken? I asked my father-in-law. I set it up and just told him to snap photos of us. He did. He even tried to get the kids attention. The picture before this one, I have photoshopped the background. It was actually the couch and yes, I've changed up the color. I think I found the solution to not spending to much money, is to ask for my family to help. Just press the button down. Voila! COST for my family portrait = FREE

I do all I can do to S.A.V.E. moo-lah

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