Wednesday, November 9, 2011

Update about my 2nd pregnancy

I know some of you want to know how I am doing with my 2nd pregnancy. I don't like to talk about the negative aspect of going through some trials and struggles but then again on the positive side I have to remind myself that my God is always in control.

I have been feeling almost the same as I have been when I was pregnant with Joanna. No kidding. I don't have any morning sickness. I am in my third trimester. I'll be 32 weeks tomorrow! What's exciting is that our baby boy is almost ready to come into this world! At 37 weeks, I had Joanna. She was 2 weeks early from her due date October 11, 2010 and decided September 29, 2010 was the day she wanted to meet us. *wink*

The differences varies from my first. I feel and look a lot bigger and this baby boy moves A LOT! My stomach has warped way too many times! I've been tickled now and then. It makes me want to take a peek of what he's doing.. whether he's using his elbow, knee, feet... to rub from the inside out. It sure felt funny! At times, I'll feel a strong jerk. What an active baby! He's taking after his momma's personality! Yikes! Joanna was a calm baby (just like her daddy.) But now, she's walking everywhere! She's pretty quiet around people she doesn't know but she'll eventually get comfortable enough to laugh with you or talk with you. Time will tell. Also, when I lay down, the weight hurts both my sides. Sometimes, I'll have to get up from bed and just sit down sleeping! All that weight is taking its toll on me! *sighs* Matt still polish my toes and ties my tennis shoes for me. Still that loving and caring husband I've married! Thanks hun!

The downside is that I have no insurance. Don't get me wrong, there are times I worried. All because I want to know if I'm taking care of myself and if the baby's okay. The only time I ever saw the doctor was when I had set up an appointment to get a sonogram. So basically, I went twice... for blood test and sonogram. The last I've heard was that I had the same bladder infection I did with my first pregnancy and was prescribed medication for a week. I admit, I do get sad at times for the sake of my baby and my health. I don't know how he's doing and where I stand. I do the best I can to take care of myself. I take my prenatal vitamins daily. I eat different kinds of food. I drink a lot of water. I've noticed that I didn't get much exercise with this pregnancy and wondered if it will affect going into labor? Hmm, not sure about that. Today, I decided to fill out a form in hope of maybe getting insurance that helps pregnant woman from the government. Because we've surrendered to be in the Ministry God called us to... we always get through by the grace of God. He takes care of our every needs! There's absolutely no doubt about that! I am always grateful for His provision! Don't get me wrong, I know God's plan is always best in this situation whether we get help or not. Again, I do admit that I get worried at times but I have to constantly remind myself that God is in this and that He cares for me. (1 Peter 5:7 Casting all your care upon him; for he careth for you.) I know I have to cast all my burden and cares to Him and to leave it there! It is not easy but it must be done. So pray for me to remain strong as I sometimes get discouraged for when things get tough. In fact, every time things get tough, it humble me to depend on Him more and more!

Anyway, I'm excited to have another baby. Joanna is going to be a big sister. I've heard that she'll be jealous. Let's hope I can juggle since I know having two babies is hard work! I know I know. I'm not going to deny this but it is hard to be pregnant and have a one year old toddler. Joanna needs my attention constantly. When she cries it is hard picking her up to soothe her. She moves a lot and doesn't mean to press on my stomach but when she does press on my stomach it is very uncomfortable and sometimes hurt. I have to guard my stomach often so that she doesn't hurt me. Oh and yes, I do dread giving birth again. But for some reason, I asked God to block that pain I've once felt and He did! I assume it'll all come back when it's time to give birth.

A baby is truly a gift from God. I've noticed Joanna has changed so much since she was born. It makes me sad thinking how fast they grow and then they'll leave us once their time comes to leave home. I'm already taking advantage of enjoying every moments I have with my baby because I know they aren't going to stay little forever! But they'll always be my babies! I can understand how mothers think of their child.. grown or not. They just love them! Mommies become very protective if someone dare hurt their babies!! I know because I am like that! It's funny, this also applies to some daddies! Oh yes, Matt is very protective of his little girl. He loves her too! Neat to have something in common, eh?

Wow, I've been rattling on too long... I'm going to stop now. But please if you think of me today or whenever... keep us in prayers. I know there is power in prayers! I'll be needing them. Thanks!!

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