Monday, November 7, 2011

at a park in Kingman, AZ

We wanted to take a walk to see a spring on a trail but it was too late to get permission and all. Instead we drove pass the Route 66 museum... just across the street was a park or something and it had old trains being donated to their property. It was free to the public, and you've guessed right. I had to check it out.  Noticed that you'll see their soft green grass! I find it interesting because just this park has beautiful grass, the rest is what it is.  (just stating that a specific area have grass) 

Anyway, it was fun to watch Joanna walk on this Arizona grass... oh how soft it was! It felt like carpet! It wasn't prickly which was nice! I had to let her lay her down for a few seconds just to get an experience. Poor child of mine, she wasn't sure why I did what I did but hey, she stayed to take a few pictures with me! Sweet!  Check out how huge these old trains were while we're standing next to them!

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