Thursday, June 4, 2015

June 5th surgery

Update on Andrew: 
Andrew is scheduled for surgery this Friday at 6 in the morning. Due to his Ptosis (droopy eyelids), his oculoplastic surgeon will do a Frontalis Sling Silicone Suspension, to help open his eyes. 
He also has a 5mm cyst on the bottom right brow. That will be removed too. They are going to see if he has extra skin on the bottom of his eyelids, if he does, then they'll fix that also. 
How wonderful it is to know that Andrew’s surgeon is one of the Top Ten Doctors (Ophthalmologists) in America!? I’m very grateful for Him choosing one of the best! 
Results from EEG and MRI:
EEG- is normal 
MRI- the neurologist saw everything on the midline that is very common with Chromosome 18p- such as development delays. Other than that, all we know is that a small part of the occipital lobe is missing which affects the vision. However, Andrew’s Pediatric Opthalmologist says that he doesn’t have that problem and that he can see. I don’t know how else to explain it. I’m just amazed! Miracle, perhaps?
ENDO- Andrew has gained a pound! There was no mentioned of him needing to be admitted. Instead, growth hormones were mentioned. 
God is faithful!
Thank you for your love and prayers! Will update you after his surgery and his recovery.

After looking at one of the picture above (drawing). You'll see what Andrew's Neurologist drew. I'll try and explain.

It's complicated for me to explain. Maybe next time, I will show you a better part of the brain in 3D (gotta ask the neurologist for those pictures). Here, I am showing you where he circled the missing part of his occipital lobe.

On the bottom right, he circled (in dashed) the part that's missing. You'll see that he's crossed that part out with an X.

The question mark is for what he doesn't know... he doesn't know how that part of the brain which piece is missing is communicating. In other words, he doesn't know if it's sending information to the right and left part of the brain.

Well... for whatever reasons, it's sending information. You know why? Because he can see!! I don't know how else to make sense of it... that's the best I can say. His eye doctor says his vision isn't affected and he can see. How do you explain that? WOW. It's amazing isn't it? I think it's miracle somewhat.

#GodIsAble #OnlyHeCanDo

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