Tuesday, April 7, 2015

March - April 7th updates

Thanks to my dear friend... who has texted me to post on my blog. You know who you are! Love you!! Well... anyway, a lot has been going on. I don't know where to start. It will be alittle out of order but here's an update!

March 14- 19th: We went to Galveston on my aunt Linda's Spring Break on the week of March 15th. We stayed at my aunt Bertha's beach house and then stayed at her house in Houston. My kids went swimming in her backyard and then we went to the Houston Rodeo afterwards. It was nice to see all the smiles on my children's faces! They had a blast!  Here's what we did:

Galveston: Beach, Shops at The Strand, Rainforest Cafe, Playground, Moody Gardens and 3D Theatre Films.

Houston: Rodeo Carnival, Indoor Playground and Swimming at my aunt Bertha's hot tub/pool which overlooked the lake.

I love watching my children have fun and who knew that I would enjoy the kiddie rides? 

March 26th: Andrew had his Endo check-up. He weighted 11 pounds and that was 6 months ago He had a check up this day, and he's still weighting in on 11 pounds. The doctor shared my concerns.  He is thinking of sending him back to see the GI. Send me to get his blood work done too. The Endo doctor also referred me to a nutritionist so that he can get the calories that he needs. The Endo doctor wants me to check back with him on Andrew's weight a month from now. Which is April 21st. If Andrew does not gain, he will be admitted.

March 28th: I attended DeafNation which was held in Austin. Not too far from where I am staying. About 30 miles away. Anyway, I was able to meet a few of my friends who work there selling their products and all. I even got to meet a few successful deaf. I always enjoy attending DeafNation events. They do travel to other states. So if you are interested in attending, then check out their website at www.deafnation.com The good thing about going? It's FREE! That's to yours and my advantage.

Here are the successful deafies that I met, they are:
Katie Leclerc, Actress: played Daphne from ABC Family's Switched at Birth
Chef Tom Scuderi, he uses American Sign Language while giving out instructions on how to cook some recipes through his videos. What a neat idea!
Patti Singleton, my first deaf counselor and now friend. Still works at ACC! Met her back circa 1997. It was so good to reconnect and catch up with her. 
Karen Issacs, actress for The Deaf Club (Rustic Lantern Films)
Matt Daigle is a deaf cartoonist, designer and illustrator, the creator of the popular "That Deaf Guy" comic strip.
Enjoyed meeting and talking with Matt. Since meeting him, I've been reading his comics online. Been laughing a lot since I can relate to most of them! You can check out his comic strip at www.ThatDeafGuy.com or on Facebook www.fb.com/thatdeafguycomic

March 29th: was my birthday and I ain't telling you how old I am! Nope, that's for you to guess. HeeHee (wink wink)
So my mom came over to drop me off a cake, presents and generous gifts. My mother-in-law gave me a generous gift too. My aunt will take me out this Friday and my husband will make up for not taking me anywhere. Well, okay.. it was on a Sunday and I was tired for whatever reasons. Jokingly, my father-in-law said I am getting OLD. Geez, thanks!

March 30th: Andrew saw the Neurologist for the first time. He wants Andrew to get his MRI and EEG. He said that the size of his head is that of a 3 month old. (Just so you know, Andrew is small and does wear 3 months old clothing. He is now 16 months). He wants those x-rays taken to make sure everything is okay with his brain and all.

March 24th and April 2nd: I was doing a small part in showing my support for Texas State School for the Deaf by going to the State Capitol. What did I do? Talk to my District Senator and Representative. Last week, Senator Charles Schwertner was wrapped up in committee hearings and legislative business. So I met with one of his staff, Taylor Borer, who handles TSD issues.
On April 2nd, I met with my District Representative Tony Dale. I think both meetings went well regarding TSD's budget request.

Next thing I plan on doing, Rally for TSD at the Capitol on April 27th.

For more information:
www.facebook.com/TreasureTSD1857 or http://treasuretsd.org

April 5th: We attended church and afterwards went to my aunt Linda's house to eat lunch. Since it was raining, we stayed inside and the kids played with toys my aunt had for them. She also gave them some Easter candies. They loved it! I didn't get to take a good family picture of us this Easter because Andrew was fussy. So no Easter family pictures this year.  Hopefully, next time!

I'm glad that I had time today to make an update on my blog. Thanks to Eileen! Oops. Here Hee Love you lots!

All in between I have been keeping busy. When I can I do like to cook and bake. Matt has been working a lot. We still haven't joined a church yet but we have been attending a church. That's about all I can think of right now. Eventually, when something comes to my mind, I'll remember to mentioned that on here.

Here are the pictures in random orders:

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